Ban information

Bans are used as a punishment when violating the game rules.

If you have received a ban and you wish to file a complaint you must send a ticket to the Abuse Complaints department at the support centre.

Chat ban

A chat ban can be received when spamming, misbehaving or insulting someone in chats. While punished with a chat ban you cant write in any chats in the game, including gang chats.

Time limited ban

A time limited ban prevents you from logging in to the
The ban will expire by itself when the punishment has ended.

Permanent ban

Permanent bans will never expire and is used as a punishment for severe cases of rule violation.

Repeated violation of rules can result in more serious bans and longer ban times.


Where can I find the rules?

Click here to read the game rules

Why have I been banned?

In the status message above you can see why you have been banned. If you have further questions you must contact the Abuse Complaints department.

One friend told me that a Crew member asked him for his password and then his account was abused. Can this happen?

Crew members will never ask you about your password, it must has been someone impersonated a crew member and you should report us if this happens to you.

Someone told me that he is using Proxy websites/IPs to play The Crims, can I do the same?

No, it is not allowed to use PROXY and you should report to us if you know about anyone who is using it.

What should I do if I found a bug on game or someone told me about it?

You should report it to us as long as you find it and never try to abuse it or to get advantages from it, because this will cause a punishment for you. The only proper way to report a bug is to submit a ticket in Support Center choosing Bug Department and giving us essential information.

Someone promised me to give me credits if I pay to him some money, then he took my money and gave me nothing, Can you help me?

No, we can't help you since payments which are not registered in our system will not be compensated. The Crims doesn't take responsibility for loss of money in such cases. Be aware that it is forbidden to buy credits from a seller not listed on the "credits" page.

Is there anyway to buy stats from another player in The Crims?

No, it's forbidden to sell or trade stats for credits or money on this game, doing this will cause a punishment for both sides of trade process.

How you distinguish trade stats from simple donation?

First of all we consider reports from players about possible illegal trade and then compare it with logs. We are basing on facts only, any screens from players can be helpful BUT it doesn't determinate our decisions. That means we act only in case we have enough proofs and we are sure about the rule violation. Note that such cases are very rarely, you shouldn't be afraid of donating or receiving stats from friends if you follow TC rules.

When do you ban players for rule 13 violation? Can I be banned for assaulting botter in a rave?

Of course we don't ban for single and random assaults. This rules applies for those players who gained a real advantage from broken rules. We judge each time the frequency, purposefulness and the size of violation. Fx. playing whole round with botter and making common gang assaults is giving you direct benefits for which you may face penalties. Hiding behind ignorance won't help in this case since lack of knowledge does not exempt from liability.

I have been banned. Can I register new account and continue game?

No, since round 64 you can't register, open or play on another account the same round you got banned. You can always ask us to recheck your case, but if your ban will be upheld then you need to wait until the next round to play again. Every time we find user playing with another account after being banned once, we will ban all his further accounts as well.

My friend has been banned, I want to know why?

We don't discuss bans with third parties. Please tell your friend that he should personally submit ticket to Abuse-Complaints Only department in order to obtain information.

What are the penalties for breaking the rules?

It depends on violated rule. For minor crimes like insults or spam there is possible chat-ban, after 2 days vacation from TC (more if relapse). If we find you shared your account or you played with multies then you need to be reckoned with round ban penalty, in exceptional cases we settle for few days ban. For bot or bug usage it's at least round ban, or perm if continue. These are just sample penalties since we judge each case individually and take into account also previous ban history. If you were banned few times before, do not expect a mercy if we catch you once again! Then even for insults you can be banned permanently.